About Us

About Us

…changing the world, one happy freelancer at a time

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Talent has no nationality, no country, no boundaries. Why should your business act local in a global world? Especially when you’ve an opportunity to work with experts from anywhere in the world at no extra cost. We think every of your project deserves to be delivered satisfactorily and within scope.

What is BackendSkills?

It is a platform for skilled professional debunking the archaic 9-to-5 work model. It is an open platform for project owners, Customers, to find Freelancers to work on their project(s) and vice versa. The best talents in the world are found on BackendSkills.com

What do we do?

We are a purpose-driven business. Everything we do stems from our desire to empower people, first within our locality, and around the world to do what they love and live the dream of being independent. We connect talented experts with savvy businesses that search for the right skills to get project(s) delivered seamlessly. Project owners are able to focus on key business matters while their projects are attended by skilled professionals.

We’re in the business of matching dreams.

The DNA of BackendSkills.

Over the years, business executives have consistently been on the search for individuals that could successfully deliver projects, be it as little as writing a business plan or as complex as successfully completing a high-rise structure. Oftentimes business owners have had to go through the unpleasant experience(s) hiring and firing staffs for inability to deliver. BackendSkills.com provides a sustainable solution to this seemingly unending cycle.

At this age and time, the “Brick and Mortar” system no longer applies to the stream on technology-forward and lifestyle-savvy professionals that prefers to successfully deliver projects remotely. These professionals are in tune with the most effective tools in their chosen specialty and work more efficiently outside the confines of a 9 – 5 framework. Oftentimes, the flow of the creative juice of these professionals are stifled from having fewer projects to handle and they are left with the consideration of an unsatisfactory. BackendSkills.com bridges that project drought gap and Freelancers are able to do what they’re best at, delivering projects remotely.

Our mission

We strive to create a trusted and dynamic platform that will help people realize their dreams and lead a free and independent life while satisfactorily servicing project owners.

Our vision

We envision a world where millions of projects are outsourced to competent Freelancers, thereby empowering these set of professional to become responsible citizens with a steady flow of income as project owners, Customers, are consistently taking possession of satisfactorily delivered briefs.

Freelancers around the world

LIVE CONNECTIONS BETWEEN CUSTOMERS & FREELANCERS (a map would be incorporated here, Emma has the brief)

Work together

All the benefits of on-demand workforce, with no costs attached!

BackendSkills.com is a community of highly skilled freelance talents that are available to work for you remotely within the scope of your project and budget.


We're changing the world, one happy freelancer at a time.