• What is BACKENDSKILLS? It is a platform for skilled professional debunking the archaic 9-to-5 work model. It is an open platform for project owners, Customers, to find Freelancers to work on their project(s) and vice versa. The best talents in the world are found on BackendSkills.com
  • What are Freelancer’s fee?
  • How do I sign up on backendskills?
  1. Fill out a short signup form. You will be asked to create a unique username for identification in our system, provide a valid email address, and confirm that you have read our Terms and Conditions. You don't have to give any personal information to start your backendskills experience.


  1. Confirm your email address. When you submit the registration form, we will send a verification email to the email address you provided upon signing up. Follow the link provided on the email to activate your backendskills account.


  1. Create your profile. Fill out your profile correctly and completely to let the backendskills community know who you and what you're looking for professionally.


  1. Users with incomplete profiles will not be allowed to bid on projects. Here are a few tips to complete your profile and get noticed:


  1. Be sure to upload a photo on your profile. It's much easier to recognize and relate to a face than a username.


  1. You might want to consider using your full name or company name as your display name.


  1. The information you provide on your profile page will give other users an overview of your skills and needs. backendskills.com does not share your personal and contact information.
  • I am an Employer, how do I get the services of a Freelancer?  Is it a small business and don't have enough money to hire a full-time staff, don't worry! The power of backendskills is available for small to large businesses! Be it a business cards or stationery that needs designing, a product that needs to be designed or in need social media marketing, or software that needs to be developed,as long as you can think it we can do it, this is just the right place for you!


  • I am a Freelancer, how will Freelancer work for me? Work on what, when and where you want to! The choice and lifestyle of a freelancer  all depends on you . By working as a Freelancer online, you can immersely increase your client base and job records.

To kick off, all you need to do is sign up first then start bidding. It's SIMPLE&FREE!

  • Is backendskills going to provide work for me? Backendskills does not offer any work, but we give you a platform to find work.
  • How do I submit a bid? When you discover a project you'd like to bid on, click on the title from the list of your searched projects to go to the main page, read the description carefully, and click Bid on The Project. Enter your bid amount and the number of days for delivery, , and click Place Bid.
  • Is there a fee for bidding? No. You can bid for
  • Why can't I bid on project? You have no skills related to the project,

You need to complete your profile, You are banned from backendskills.that can be the reason why you couldn’t bid on a project.

  • Can I adjust a bid that is already submitted? Yes, you may adjust your bid on any active project.
  • Can I change my bid on a project I already accepted? Yes, you can  amend your bid amount.
  • How do I adjust my bid on a project I already accepted?
  • Will my employer be notified about the request to change my bid? yes he will be notified.
  • Will I be notified about the status of the adjusted bid request? Yes you will be notified.
  • How are the fees adjusted after bid amendment?
  • What are Bids?
  • What are my bidding limits?
  • How often are my bids toped up?
  • How do I submit a project?
  • What if I exceeded the deadline?
  • How do I bookmark projects?
  • Why can’t I view my bookmarked projects?
  • How does Backendskills.com work for freelancers? Backendskills opens the job market to freelancers with skilled professions. Giving opportunity to find project owners, Customers, and lets you offer your talents and skills without ever leaving your home or office always at your convenience.

All you need to do is sign up, complete your profile, browse projects based on your skills, and place your bid to get the job.

  • What are the fees for freelancers?
  • I received a project offer from an employer but didn't bid on their project.
  • How do I rate and write a review for an Employer?
  • What is Completion Rate?
  • Why do I have to showcase my work as a freelancer? Is it really necessary. It not necessary but being showcased is the best way to highlight your skills! Your work will be seen by employers looking for new project ideas and if they like it, they can hire you immediately.
  • How profitable is it to the employers if as a Freelancer i Showcase my work?
  • How do I deposit money into escrow  account?
  • Can I use Bank Deposit  or online banking to Transfer funds? Online banking and ATM transfers only.
  • What is the difference between bank Deposit and online Transfer?
  • I can’t view my current  transfer in my account. Send a mail to supportbackendskills.com with detailed transaction to enable the team resolve your complaint.
  • How are payments made to my account? Via account details provided at registration.
  • How am I able to withdraw money from my account? The normal procedure you go through at your bank.
  • How can you send me my incomes? Through Via online transfer.
  • How soon can my withdrawal be processed? Same time frame it takes to process your withdrawal at the bank.
  • Is there a timeline for submitting withdrawals? No timeline
  • Why is my account locked?
  • I entered an incorrect account number when inputting my detail. What should I do? Go to your profiled details of your account and make the necessary correction.
  • How can I get a Financial Report? Visit your bank for your financial report.
  • How can I view my financial statements? Via email, mobile banking and contact bank.
  • I would like to export my financial statements?
  • I would like to view my Transaction History?
  • Exporting my Transaction History?
  • How can I export my Invoices?
  • Can I exchange money on Backendskills? No you can’t, you pay in the local currency.
  • Can I sell already develop solutions? Yes, as long as the employer agrees to this and you have proper rights to sell the solution.
  • Can I sell scripts written by me? Absolutely. If you are determined to be selling scripts it has to be yours and not someone else’s own or else your account will be closed without payment and any further purnishment.
  • Can I post a project that will sell my stock items on backenedsklls? No you can’t post stock Items on this site.
  • When I try to log in, I'm redirected to the login page again without any error message. What should I do to log in? please kindly contact supportbackendskills.com for further assistance.
  • Why am I not getting emails such as new project notifications?
  • How do I file a dispute on my project?
  • Can I dispute work that does not relate to a project? No you can’t.
  • Can I submit more evidence after the dispute has been escalated to Arbitration?
  • I accidentally clicked on the wrong button/typed the wrong amount! Could you change it back? No. All actions made on the system are final, binding, and irreversible. You are advised to be very careful when pressing a button or typing an amount.
  • I lost the dispute! Can I file for reconsideration?
  • What is Freelancer Rewards?
  • Who is eligible for Freelancer Rewards?
  • Where do I find my Freelancer Rewards?
  • How do I earn Rewards?
  • What is are the Level of Rewards ?
  • Does my Rewards Level affect my reputation? No your rewards doesn’t affects your reputation.
  • What are Rewards Badges?
  • Where can I view Rewards Badges?
  • How can I create an invoice for an external client?
  • Is there a stamp fee for invoice? No charges attached to our invoice, it’s FREE!
  • Do I have to pay to issue an invoice? No you don’t.
  • How can I become a service provider? You can become a service provider by signing up on backendskills.com. You need to agree with the price that has been set for the service. When a service gets bought, a service provider gets selected and awarded with our proprietary selection algorithm.
  • What are the requirements to become service provider?
  • How can I manage my projects?
  • How can I post my own project?





  • How can I find the right services for my job?
  • How can I order for a service?
  • How can I communicate with the freelancer? All communications and information and file exchanges must be performed exclusively using backendskills.com's Messaging System.
  • How is the service delivered? Once a service is ordered, it will be listed in your Work in Progress tab as an ongoing project. The freelancer can then submit their work through the Files tab of the project view page.

When transferring files, both freelancers and employers are responsible for scanning them for viruses. backendskills.com will not be held liable for any damages which might occur due to site usage or use of content or files transferred.

  • How can I rate freelancers for their well done service render? You can rate your freelancers by leaving a review.
  • How can a Freelancer work for employers? Backendskills provides a convenient and safe platform for service buyers (customers) and skilled workers (freelancers) to conduct good business. You can use the platform to look for professional freelancers who can deliver the work you require.
  • What fees will I pay? Posting a project on the site is free
  • How do I post a project?
  • How do I hire a Freelancer directly for my project?
  1. Find a freelancer through the Browse Directory page.
  2. Click the freelancer's username to visit their profile page.
  3. Click contact and complete process to offer them your project.
  4. You can also hire Freelancers who have previously worked for you. Just go to your Contact List, click the username of the freelancer you want, and click the contact button to complete process.
  • Why is my project rejected? We do not allow projects with content that may damage the business operation or reputation of Backendskills.com or cause a possible loss of services. The fees incurred from these projects are non-refundable.
  • What is a Featured Project?
  • What is a Recruiter Project?
  • What is an Urgent Project?
  • What is a Sealed Project?
  • What is a Private Project?
  • What is a Full-Time Project?
  • How do I revise a project after bidding starts? Changing your original project description after bidding starts is not allowed because freelancers base their bids on your description.However, you can put additional information, skills, and upgrades on your description to help the freelancers understand the project better.
  • How do I add more information after the bidding starts?
  • Can I invite a freelancer to bid on my project?
  • Am I allowed to ask questions before selecting a freelancer? Please kind reach out to our supportbackendskills.com for further assistance
  • I would like to award a freelancer?
  • Is it necessary for me to have sufficient funds in my account to award a freelancer? No, you don't need to have the funds on your account before you award a freelancer.
  • I want to cancel a project? How do I archive that.
  • How do I delete a project?
  • Do I get rate and write a review for a Freelancer? After a project is completed and the freelancer is paid the full amount of his or her winning bid (through Backendskills.com), the feedback system is available for rate and review.
  • If a Freelancer fails to complete my project? Customers have the option to mark their project as incomplete if the freelancer is unable to complete the work required. The Incomplete Report will be posted on the freelancer's profile page as a review for the project.
  • Can I post an Hourly Project? Yes you can post an hourly project on backedskills.com.
  • How many hours can I hire a freelancer for?
  • Is there a specific time frame for hiring a freelancer?
  • Can I specify how long my Project goes for? Yes, you can specify how long you want the project to go on for.
  • Can I request a freelancer to make changes to their invoice? Yes, you can request changes to your project's invoice.
  • How do I create an Invoice for a Project?
  • An employer has only made part payment of my invoice. What can I do? If you don't agree with the payment made by the customer, you can send an email to supportbackendskills.com for further compliant.
  • How do I provide feedback for a project? You will be notified to leave feedback whenever an invoice is paid and the project has been completed, whether you are the buyer or seller.
  • How do I install the backendskills Desktop App?
  • Guidelines to using the app?
  • Can I do an offline tracking? if yes,  how does offline tracking work?
  • How do I uninstall the backendskills Desktop App?
  • What are the system requirements for the Freelancer Desktop?
  • I am encountering this bug, what do I do?
  • Will the desktop app work in a virtual machine environment?