How it works


Three simple steps to make your services satisfy a Customer

  1. WOW Customers with a profile that's built to sell
  • Tell your story, add photos, videos & make it fun
  • Profiles are ranked based on economic activity per month, giving newbies a chance to rise up
  • TIP: Start moving up the ranks by selling OR buying a service

Build up your profile (link this to Account setup/login page)

  1. Search for Jobs and send a direct Proposal
  • Search for Jobs and get daily notifications
  • Send 15 Proposals a month for free!
  • Buy more Proposal credits if you run out

Send Proposals (link this to Customer’s posts)

  1. QuickStart with BackendSkill: Post in minutes, sell in hours
  • Make it fun: record a 30 second video from within the posting form
  • Upload photos, videos or add a quote
  • Add a price, hit post, and watch the cash roll in!

Post your service (link to Account Setup/login page)

Communicate, share, invoice, and get paid all in one place: your Profile Home

Your Profile Home keeps it all together...

  • All of your communication threads sit right next to each other in one place
  • Track Job history within a single thread
  • Request a proposal for follow-on work and keep working in the same Profile Home

Send Proposals in seconds!

  • Send a brief of what you will deliver and by when
  • Quote a price
  • Stay protected: set a deposit to go in Escrow! This will be released to you on invoicing

Invoicing kept super simple!

  • Raise an Invoice in seconds, importing Job data with one click
  • All your invoicing kept neatly in one place
  • Keep it regular: we recommend weekly cycles

Request more deposit

  • You can ask for more deposit in Escrow to cover your next billing period (recommended)
  • Or just invoice at the end

Get rated and keep it rolling!

  • Get reviewed for your work and have the Buyer come back for more
  • Easily send a new Proposal from the Profile Home for follow-on work
  • TIP: Start moving up the ranks by selling OR buying a service

A community of curated freelance talent available to work for you remotely at the click of a button



Three simple ways to get started!

  1. Browse Freelancers: fixed price offers ready to start immediately
  • Search what's on offer: from as little as 1 hour jobs
  • Pay a down payment to start the job
  • If you're happy request a follow-on proposal!

Browse Freelancer (link to the Freelancers page)

  1. Post a Job - let people find you!
  • Tell us what you need done
  • Relevant freelancers are notified to submit a proposal
  • Review proposals and select your expert
  • Pay a down payment to start the job.
    • Released on completion

Post Job (link to the Account Setup/Login Page)

  1. Search profiles and contact freelancers directly
  • Refine your search by skill, location, portfolio, etc
  • Contact freelancers and request a Proposal
  • Pay a down payment to start the job.
    • Released on completion

Find Freelancers (link to the Freelancers page)

Manage, Pay & Communicate all in one place: your Profile Home

Your Profile Home keeps it all together

  • All your communication threads organised by stage and reachable in one click
  • Track all your Job history in one thread
  • Communicate easily, transact and keep work moving

Review and accept Proposals

  • Pay the required deposit instantly
  • Keep your money safe with Escrow– protect yourself until you’re ready to release funds

Paying for work has never been easier!

  • Conduct your invoicing in one place
  • Release Escrow funds to pay Invoice (within 7 days) or raise a dispute
  • Customer Support Ninjas can help mediate a dispute so you are always protected

Say "Hello" to BES Account!

  • We make payments painless!
  • Deposit funds in your BES Escrow Account and use it to make multiple payments to more than one Seller
  • Your accountant will love you! More payments with fewer transactions

Rate the Freelancer and keep it rolling!

Your Profile Home keeps it all together

  • Reward people for their hard work with a quick review
  • The Seller can send you a follow-on Proposal or Invoice upon completion
  • Quickly re-initiate work with established Sellers